For businesses of all sizes in Birmingham or Hertfordshire, being on social media is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity. Your customers expect to find you there, and your business must stay in the loop. Why? Well, as you know 90% of consumers tend to buy from companies they follow on social media, and 55% discover new brands through these platforms, nowadays.

Now, if you understand the importance of social media marketing but are unsure who will handle it, what they will do, and when they’ll find the time, you’re not alone. Many businesses assign these tasks to interns or admin staff, which often leads to stretched resources and social media becoming a secondary concern.

If this situation sounds familiar, it might be time to rethink about bringing in a digital marketing agency to take charge of your social media. What are the perks of outsourcing your social media marketing in Birmingham and Hertfordshire? Mind and Matter has it simplified for you.

Check out these 7 reasons to hire Mind and Matter, a social media agency based in Birmingham and Hertfordshire.

1. We are Social Media Nerds:

Social media marketing comes with a learning curve, and mastering it takes time and experimentation. When you bring in a social media agency, you are getting a team of experts with the know-how to navigate this dynamic landscape.

Moreover, social media is always evolving. What’s effective today might not be tomorrow. Social media agencies always stay on top of these changes, adapting strategies accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Nerds in Birmingham and Hertfordshire

By hiring Mind and Matter, you unload this responsibility from your plate. Our expertise ensures effective management of your social media, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects crucial for your business’s growth.

2. Building Your Professional Team by Hiring

When you decide to bring us on board, you are not just enlisting an individual; you’re assembling an entire team of experts, each specializing in their respective fields.

At Mind & Matter, our experts excel in diverse areas, from mastering effective media buying strategies to crafting visually appealing creatives. Collaborating seamlessly, we create social media campaigns that deliver outstanding returns on investment for our clients.

Dedicated Social Media Marketing Team

Here’s an introduction to the key roles within our agency:

  1. Social Account Manager
  2. Paid Social Manager
  3. Social Media Strategist
  4. Copywriter
  5. Videographer
  6. Video Editor
  7. Graphic Designer

3. You are Getting Access to Dedicated Resources

When you partner with Mind and Matter, you tap into a wealth of resources all housed under one roof. No need to explore new software subscriptions or invest in additional equipment – we have it all covered. For instance, we have a dedicated in-house video production studio.

It’s not just about the tangible assets; you are also benefiting from the unique insights that come from an agency’s extensive experience across various accounts and the wealth of research we have amassed over time.

4. Time-Saving Benefits that You Will Get

Developing a successful social media strategy and maintaining your social media presence in alignment with the strategy can demand a significant time commitment if undertaken independently.

To have the best results, you need to:

  1. Craft a social media strategy
  2. Optimize social media profiles
  3. Plan, create, and share valuable content
  4. Consistently engage with users
  5. Monitor competitors and industry trends
  6. Analyze the results of your efforts
  7. Incorporate learnings into the overall strategy
  8. Create and manage social media ads

Time Saving Benefits

Hence you might find yourself spending countless hours refining your social media content and tweaking media buying configurations. Alternatively, you could opt for peace of mind, confident that a proficient team from Mind and Matter is dedicated to ensuring your social media remains appealing to your target audience, without monopolizing half of your week.

5. We Are Accomplishing Your Social Media Goals

Mind and Matter are dedicated to realizing your social media marketing objectives. Unfortunately, some businesses invest in social media merely because it seems like the trend, without having well-defined goals or strategic insights. This approach often leads to disappointment.

When you hire Mind and Matter and present your goals, we will formulate a strategic plan to achieve them. These objectives may include expanding your audience, achieving a specific return on ad spend or increasing sales in a particular region. To ensure successful campaigns, it is crucial to choose an agency that aligns with your goals and offers the services necessary to accomplish them fully.

Social Media Marketing Goals

6. Keeping Your Goals in Sight

Growing an account to 50,000 followers within a month might sound simple to some, with suggestions like “buying followers from many websites”. However, these approaches can be misguided. Many of the acquired followers may not be relevant to your brand and are unlikely to engage with or make purchases. Additionally, such tactics can lead to your account being flagged or removed from the social media platform.

We will always take a more strategic approach. We assess the best platforms to target, determine the most effective ad types to connect with your specific audience and identify suitable influencers for promoting your brand. This involves staying updated on the ever-evolving best practices in social media and understanding how different demographics engage with various platforms.

The outcome is a larger and more engaged audience genuinely interested in what your brand has to offer.


7. Timely Reporting and Feedback

Mind and Matter delivers the best possible results because our success is directly tied to Client satisfaction. Consequently, we keep you informed about the progress and outcomes of your social media efforts. Through our reports, we articulate key metrics that demonstrate how your social media marketing is contributing to the growth of your business.

This feedback loop is valuable for continuous improvement and strategic refinement.

Social Media Marketing Reporting

As an illustration, the reports might reveal that advertising on LinkedIn or Twitter yields minimal results, while Instagram or Facebook shows overwhelmingly positive outcomes with a 10x return on ad spend. Consequently, the strategy is adjusted to prioritize and enhance what works well on Instagram.

Final Takeaway and Reasons You Should Hire Mind and Matter as Your Social Media Agency

In conclusion, the key takeaway is that a social media agency can be a valuable investment, saving your business both time and money in the long run. With a vested interest in your success, we become strategic partners dedicated to helping your business thrive and grow.

We pride ourselves as a results-driven social media marketing agency based in Birmingham and Hertfordshire. We are a rich blend of expertise in paid media buying and have a flair for creative innovation to propel brands like yours towards rapid growth.

In the realm of media buying, our track record speaks volumes, consistently delivering brands a superior return on investment (ROI) on ad spend. We specialize in facilitating swift expansion across various social media platforms, a proficiency that has earned us recognition as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK & Globally.

On the creative front, we harness the power of our in-house video editing team to craft compelling video content. These scroll-stopping creatives are meticulously designed to seize your audience’s attention and guide them seamlessly towards becoming loyal, paying customers.


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