About the Brand:

Amplifon SPA is an Italian company, based in Milan, and the world’s largest hearing aid retailer. Amplifon wanted a complete digital sales funnel. Right from the lead generation campaigns to a customized lead management system.


  • Get relevant leads by enabling registration for Free Hearing Test.

  • Amplifon targeted 600 leads per month


  • Customized landing pages were created with proper brand communication,

  • Offers and CTA to entice the users to take a free hearing test.

  • Google adwords, Facebook Ads and Display banner campaigns was used.

  • Target Audience: Mainly elderly people between the age group of 40 to 65.

  • Influencers were targeted in the age bracket.


On an average Amplifon is getting 500 to 600 people registering for Hearing Test.

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