Blue Heeler

About the Brand:  An Australian lifestyle shoe brand that is incorruptible in terms of style and quality. Blue Heeler is a family business from Brisbane. The brand persona is everything Aussie. Relaxed, fun loving and happy-go-lucky. Blue-Heeler launched in Germany and quickly partnered with many stores across Germany and neighbouring countries.

Mind & Matter was mandated to take care of the brand in Europe and get the required traction in the new market.


  • Create a brand communication for the brand.

  • Sending targeted traffic to the website.

  • We took care of their social media channels and reached an extensive array of audience through campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Analyzing the brand’s strengths and weakness, the key-points and USPs.

  • Strategizing the line of digital advertising that would make the whole lead generation more effective.

  • Creating awareness through digital videos.

  • Creating an automated system providing 100% response.


  • We did a Digital Film for Blue Heeler. In 5 months (Jan-May) we got 1 Million (1,323,321) views from Facebook and Instagram.

  • Video ads are more effective for any brand in the present scenario. They are more approaching and trustworthy. So, we focused more on video content.

  • To increase Instagram followers we started Instagram Profile Visit Ads, and it gave good results.

  • One key strategy we used for Blue Heeler was to do spend a small amount of money to promote each piece of content and use it to amplify the overall brand reach.

  • We created a content strategy that resonates with the primarily European audience. We carefully customised content for better engagement and interactions.


  • On the Digital Film we got 1 Million Views from Facebook and Instagram and a total of thousands of link clicks in 5 months.

  • 300% growth in followers/fans on Facebook.

  • 200% growth in Instagram followers.

  • We also get high engagements on Facebook video posts due to precise targeting and innovative campaign optimization techniques.

  • Online sales doubled over a period of 3 months

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